“These beggars, prostitutes, thieves, cutpurses, by vocation or by chance (students and wandering clerics), these disabled and sick, real or simulated, these blind men and prostituted women constituted, in certain town quarters, virtual worlds unto themselves, cohesive communities with their own laws and language, their own leaders.”  ~ jacques heers

salondesk The Wedding Space, Berlin is an experiment that gently links creative research with inspired collaboration and cohabitation. The Space houses several residents at a time, allowing for artistic, political, philosophical, and other kinds of research to flourish. Our project offers a comfortable, flexible venue for lived cross-pollination between residents and the surrounding community.


The venue is friendly to alternative academic pursuits, but is not an explicitly academic space. It hosts diverse events, currently ranging from a Wednesday Deleuze Film Series, to a Sunday Project Brunch, to workshops by residents on book-binding, crocheting, and clitoral embodiment. Our event series is largely informed by resident work currently in progress. So far we have built a sex work archive, punctuated philosophy with disability theory, hosted a herd of elephants, and welcomed a swarm of drone musicians. For a list of our upcoming events, click here. To see our current resident page, click here.


Our nook in Wedding is host to some heavy production– people come here to write their dissertation or novel, to record an album, to finish a translated anthology of Ukrainian women’s wartime poetry, to immerse themselves in the Berlin dance scene. We read Fichte through the lens of disability theory , we attend sex worker’s rights advocacy conferences, and we score obscure French films.


We are also curious goofballs, hedonists, DIY maniacs. We like to decolonize the Bikram series, give each other mohawks, and roll around on yoga mats. We speak in many, many tongues, and we tend to be hungry and thirsty.  Rhubarb water kefir is brewing in our kitchen and handmade spring rolls get pan-fried in heaps. Our kitchen has a bar where Sarah makes coffee drinks with locally roasted espresso beans and flower drinks with saffron, basil, muddled peaches.  We grow our own herbs and are upcycling fanatics.

IMG_0758.JPG The Wedding Space grooves on its surrounding community. We get our espresso beans from Flying Roasters just around the corner, and our organic veggies from the Biokräuterei Overhavel farm, through a Community Supported Agriculture project hosted by the Baumhaus. We do Art & Pizza at Leo’s Druckbar every Thursday, and can’t wait for the Forsberg to open its adorable coffee bar en procès!


The Space was founded in memory of my grandfather, Alfred Mann, a musician, writer, conductor, translator, and musicologist. Accordingly, the first resident project of The Wedding Space is a taking-up of the translation project he left when he passed away in 2006– a set of letters between Brahms and Clara Schumann.

Cantata Singers rehearsal ca 1953

For more information about this specific translation project, click here. For more information about Alfred, including his archive at the Eastman School of Music, click here.

Sarah Mann-O’Donnell, participating director

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